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  •  Important Information to know now that dispensation has been lifted by Bishop Callahan

    We are ready for you to return to Mass!  Below is an outline of what to expect:

    • Every pew on the two side sections are open. We will maintain the every-other-pew arrangement in the two center sections.
    • Chairs will remain set up in the back and are available for your use.
    • Masks are no longer required for anyone who has been vaccinated, but you are welcome to continue wearing a mask whether or not you have received the vaccine.  No one will ask you any questions.  We are just happy to see you!
    • Holy Water is back, but we ask that you first use hand sanitizer.
    • For the reception of the Eucharist, please receive in the hand. If it is important for you to receive on the tongue, please join Father Nathan's line and wait until others have received.  
    • Collections will continue to be taken using the long-handled baskets.
    • A Reader and Eucharistic Minister schedule will resume on July 4.  Please let Irene know your preference of Mass so she can begin scheduling.
    • We will once again have Mass Servers to assist Father Nathan at the altar. Please encourage your son or daughter to resume this special privilege.
    • To help you in your daily prayer life, the church will be open every day between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00.  You are welcome to stop in and pray before the tabernacle.
    • We ask that you limit conversations in the church and entrances before and after Mass.  You are welcome to visit in the hall or outside as weather permits.
    • While the Parish Council has made the difficult decision to NOT hold the Harvest Festival this year, there will be other opportunities for fellowship.  We will do all we can to maintain recommended procedures for safety.

    We miss you and can't wait to celebrate the Lord's Supper with all our families!

    Guidelines Committee

  • Christ Our Cornerstone Campaign

    Please click here  to watch the video about and for more information on the campaign to restore St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral in LaCrosse.

  • Library Corner

    Check out the links below to see what new resources the church library has to offer:

    2021 New Lenten Resources
    Respect Life Books
    New Library Donations

  • Diocesan FB pages

    Family Life and Men of the Cross Facebook Pages We hope to increase our communication and outreach to the people of the diocese. One way to do this is through social media, specifically Facebook. We have combined our "Marriage and Family Life" and "Youth and Young Adult Ministry" Facebook pages into one page called "Diocese of La Crosse Family Life," which can be found here. Also, there is a Facebook page for the men of the diocese called "Men of the Cross," found here. Please Follow, Like, and Share these pages.